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Wooden angels

Wooden angel religious gift

Wooden angel religious gift

Large, imposing and yet light as a dancer; the guardian angel steps in and shows the innocent and wondering child the way.
The two artists Robert and Willi have been able to unite action and lightness with human warmth and simplicity.
The wood carvers have designed various angels, guardian angels with boys, guardian angels with girls in both classic and elegant modern styles.
The modern guardian angels are characterised by their flowing form and timeless style. The traditional angels are characterised by their strong, naturalistic expression.
The modern guardian angels are carved in maple wood and then either painted in watercolours, waxed with gold or lightly stained in various shades.
These angels are also available as Christmas angels and angels of the Annunciation for the Rowi Nativity and Leonardo Nativity. The guardian angels are available in sizes 9 cm, 13 cm, 16 cm, 20 cm and 25cm. The sizes 40cm and 53 cm are carved out of lime wood.

My angel protects me, he guards my way
He is always around me, by night or by day
I cannot see him, but he hears my words,
Watching over me as I go through the world.